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This Half Christmas Tree Is Perfect for Cat Owners

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 3, 2018

I love cats, but at Christmas time they love to climb the tree and ruin all of your expensive ornaments – especially when they’re kittens. It can be a nightmare scenario. They climb and sometimes knock your tree down, not even having the common courtesy to yell “timber”. Well, we have a solution.

UK company Argos, has you covered. Instead of buying a full tree, they sell a 6-foot tall artificial  half-a-tree.

It just has the top half, offering lots of room between the bottom branches and the floor. Sure, maybe some cats could still climb up that pole, but hopefully it’ll dissuade most kitties. If you live in the UK, you’re set. If you’re outside of their shipping area, you can find some similarly tall-trunked fake trees on Amazon.

This will be the last Christmas that Fluffy ruins for you. And hey, if Santa brings his elves to your house, they can’t reach up and steal candy canes either. So two problems solved with one tree.

[via People via Apartment Therapy]