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This X-Ray Necklace Offers a Glimpse Inside Your Cat

 |  |  |  |  November 21, 2019

Do you love cats? Curious to know what your kitty looks like underneath all that fur and skin? Well this necklace should do the trick, with its accurate view of feline anatomy.

Made by UK jewelry and accessory maker BirchPleaseHQ, the necklace shows off all of kitty’s skeletal structure, along with his major organs. Look closely, and you’ll see that there’s even a mouse in his stomach, well on the way towards digestion and the intestinal tract.

The necklace is laser cut from clear acrylic and printed with UV inks, not from an actual miniature cat, because that would just be wrong. It measures about 2.4″ wide by 1.8″ tall, and comes on antique-gold nickle chain.

You can catch this wearable cat over on Etsy for about $33.