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Pringles Making Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Flavor Chips

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 12, 2019

When Rick Sanchez first turned himself into a pickle, things didn’t go very well. But eventually, when he put his immobile body into a rat-based exoskeleton, at least he was able to get himself around. Now you can enjoy the flavor of Pickle Rick in your very own mouth, courtesy of Pringles.

From the image above, they just look like regular Pringles. I was hoping they’d figure out a way to spray them with edible dye and make them look like portals. Also, given that Rick has pickled himself with large quantities of cheap booze, not vinegar and seasonings, I’m not sure I’d want to taste actual Pickle Rick. However, Pringles’ version should capture the salty and sour flavor we’ve come to expect from deli pickles, and not that of a disgruntled and hostile multidimensional traveler.

Those looking to taste Pickle Rick’s Pringles should keep an eye on shelves around Super Bowl time in February 2020, which is when the brand plans on running a special commercial featuring Rick and Morty and their new chips.