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Making an LED Clock from Ping Pong Balls

 |  |  |  |  December 29, 2019

Hey kids, what time is it? Better check the ping pong balls to find out! When turned off, this unique clock looks like a bunch of ping pong balls in a picture frame, but when activated, it turns into a bright and colorful digital clock.

Instructables contributor thomasj152 put this cool looking timepiece together by assembling a grid of 128 individual ping pong balls, with each of them backlit with an RGB LED from a strip light. Using an Arduino nano controller, a real-time clock module, and a small bit of programming, it displays the current time on some of its ping pong pixels, and can light up the unused pixels to create a colorful background.

While the idea of cutting open 128 ping pong balls and then wiring up all of the LED strip light sounds complicated, its builder says it was actually pretty easy to do, and he’s provided details for your to make your own over on Instructables, complete with the code required to run the clock. With a little programming skill, you could use the LED matrix to display other images or animations too. Maybe you could even rig it up to play PONG.