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Pour Your Booze into the Minibar Guitar Effect Pedal and Get It Drunk

 |  |  |  |  January 21, 2020

Do you like to have a drink while you’re playing the guitar? Well, if you’ve got any booze left over, you can now put it to good use as part of your performance. Yep, this unique guitar effects pedal is designed to sip liquids and uses them to influence its sounds.

Simply unscrew the watertight lid on its top, pour the beverage of your choice into the Rainger FX Minibar Liquid Analyzer, and the conductive properties of said liquid will be used by its circuit to affect signal gain. In addition, the opacity of your drink will affect the equalization of the sound.

So your IPA will sound dramatically different than your chocolate stout, and your Kentucky bourbon will most definitely make different sounds than your Highlands single malt scotch. It works with other kinds of liquids too, like soda pop, coffee, or even nail polish remover.

The Minibar stomp pedal is available direct from Rainger FX for roughly $150. Booze not included.

[via Guitar World – Thanks, Mike!]