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Make Your Own Light-Up D20 with 2,400 LEDs

 |  |  |  |  |  April 6, 2021

By hite

The brainchild of maker Greg Daville, this is an LED icosahedron crafted using a total of 2,400 LEDs, all placed individually by hand. Wow! I’m not sure if I would have had the patience for that, but I definitely don’t have the know-how to build an LED D20.

The panels of the oversized die can be programmed with different animations, and Greg mentions that in the future he may add wireless capabilities to sync the D20’s patterns and animations with other devices in the room. I smell an LED dance party soon!

So you’re not actually supposed to roll it, but I imagine you could use a random number generator to simulate a roll. That would be cool. Me? I don’t even have a D20, so whenever we play tabletop games at my house we have to roll three regular six-sided dice and flip a coin (heads is one, tails is two) to add up to 20. I think it goes without saying people don’t like playing games at my house.

Check out Greg’s blog for an in-depth read about the build, and if you’re interested in making on yourself Greg has made all the files available on Github here.

[via hackaday]