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Craft Your Own 3D Pixelated Papercraft Mario Figure: It’s-a Me, Mario!

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 13, 2021

By hite

Mario: he could never commit a crime and get away with it because absolutely everybody would be able to pick him out of a police lineup. I mean unless he took his hat off and shaved his mustache, then nobody would have any clue who he was. Created by user DAZMAKER, this is an Instructable detailing how to construct your own 3D pixelated Mario papercraft sculpture. I can already feel the stinging paper cuts on my fingers.

Crafting your own pixelated Mario papercraft sculpture basically involves using a razor blade to cut out a ton of paper pieces, then folding those and carefully taping those pieces together. No glue is required for the project, which is a good thing because my wife is probably getting tired of driving me to the hospital with one body part glued to another.

Am I going to make one? Maybe, but I might just start with only crafting Mario’s head first and going from there. I’m very noncommittal. Like when I said “I’ll give it the old college try” instead of “I do” during my wedding vows. My wife still holds that over my head during an argument.