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Tiny Axe-Throwing Game Played with Real, Miniature Axes

 |  |  |  |  |  |  June 6, 2021

By hite

Because danger comes in all shapes and sizes (including miniature), this is the Small Viking Axe Game available from Firebox for $116. It’s a real axe-throwing game played with tiny, but still very sharp, axes. I can already close my eyes and see myself wrapping my bloody hand in a t-shirt and yelling for my wife.

As a huge fan of both miniature weaponry and throwing sharp objects, this game is a no-brain purchase for myself. Will my wife try to intercept the package and hide it from me? If she knows what’s best for me, most definitely.

The set includes a wooden target with string for hanging (preferably outdoors), three miniatures axes with burlap carrying sack, nine replacement shafts, one shaft replacement tool, and a rulebook. Obviously, I don’t need a rulebook and will make up the rules as I go along. Presumably, something along the lines of ‘last one to bleed, wins, but does have to drive all the losers to the hospital.’