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Hallmark’s Keepsake 2021 Millennium Falcon Christmas Ornament

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | July 26, 2021

Because nothing quite says Christmas like Star Wars (back me up, 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special!), Hallmark is releasing this 2021 Keepsake Ornament of the Millennium Falcon (affiliate link). The metal ship measures 3.78″ wide, 1.4″ tall, 5.22″ long, and features a shiny silver finish. And with all the Mandalorian ornaments I’ve already purchased this year, I could probably decorate an entire Christmas tree with a Star Wars theme.

The ornament was designed by Hallmark artist Robert Hurlburt. However, I’m fairly certain the Corellian Engineering Corporation deserves most of the credit for building the YT-1300f light freighter the Millennium Falcon was modded from in the first place. Star Wars joke!

My wife and I have an entire box of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments commemorating different special occasions and anniversaries throughout the years. Or, I should say, we had an entire box of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments before I accidentally donated them all to Goodwill after mistaking the box for our old dinnerware. Obviously, I sadly expect my Christmas list to go largely unanswered this year.

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