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This Guy Makes Helmets for His Cat

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Written by Paul Strauss | September 5, 2021

Rémy Vicarini and his cat Cathode have made a name for themselves on the Internet. Not because his kitty does tricks or anything, but because Rémy likes to dress Cathode up in tiny, custom-made helmets. I’m not sure if they actually offer any protection, but it’s not like human cosplay armor does either.

Rémy designs a computer model of each helmet them outputs them on a 3D printer. They’re custom-sized to ensure a snug fit to Cathode’s little head. Of course, he makes holes in them for Cathode’s ears to poke out to keep them from getting bent – plus kitty just looks cooler that way.

Among his creations are a motorized Iron Man’s helmet, a bike helmet, an astronaut’s helmet, a motorcycle helmet, and a LEGO knight helmet. You can check out some more of Rémy and Cathode’s stylish headgear in the videos below:

[via Nerdist]