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Butterfly Wings Shopping Bag Has a Chrysalis Carrying Pouch

 |  |  |  |  |  December 30, 2021

By hite

Because Japan will never stop being lightyears ahead of the unusual but practical fashion game, this is the Butterfly Birth Shopping Bag from Felissimo. Available from the Japan Trend Shop, it features a green chrysalis carrying case, from which you can extract the beautiful translucent butterfly wings shopping bag, created in the likeness of the wings of a chestnut tiger butterfly, a species commonly found in Asia. I think it goes without saying, but everyone at the farmer’s market is going to be so jealous of me this spring.

Fingers crossed, the bags are a hit, and they start making them in different styles of butterfly wings because I would love to see them available in Goliath Birdwing and Emerald Swallowtail varieties. However, I would not like to see them in any icky moth wing styles. Those won’t sell, Felisimo, so don’t even waste your time.

Sure reusable butterfly wing shopping bags are cool, but do you know what would be even cooler? Reusable dragon wing shopping bags with egg-carrying pouches! Plus, we could piggyback on the popularity of Game of Thrones but not pay for any licensing rights by cleverly naming them Game of Thorns dragon wing bags. We’re gonna be rich! Or get sued.