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This Circuit Board Makes Your SSD Sound Like an Old Hard Drive

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Written by Jonathan Berisford | October 4, 2022

The brainchild of Matthias Werner, the HDD Clicker 2.0 is a tiny computer board that attaches to your solid state drive (SSD) and makes it sound like an old platter-style hard disk drive (HDD). And it doesn’t just make the sounds all willy-nilly either; it only does it when your hard drive is actually reading or writing. +1 for realism!

The board is plugged into and powered by your motherboard via a Mini-Molex connector. At the same time, an ATTiny microcontroller “monitors your SSD’s activity, and a piezoelectric speaker produces a ‘hard drive noise’ whenever your SSD reads or writes data.” How about that! But can it make the sound of the disk arm vainly moving back and forth on a failed disk drive?

Admittedly, just the other day, I got to thinking my computer was way too quiet. And that’s when I realized it had crashed on me. Now I just need an app that creates a blue screen of death animation whenever my computer throws an error, and this nostalgic trip down memory lane will be complete!

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