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The Desk Dumpster: A Dumpster Fire Desk Organizer

 |  |  |  |  January 20, 2023

By hite

Created by Fred, the Desk Dumpster is a desk organizer designed to store your pencils and notes, all in the relatable form of a dumpster fire. Available on Amazon (affiliate link), its note cards are even flame shaped for added realism! The caddy features three compartments for storing pens and pencils, or whatever else you might have on your desk. Mine is mostly empty candy wrappers.

The Desk Dumpster comes flat-packed and requires assembly, and for once, I’m actually confident I’ll be able to assemble it without much difficulty. I mean, I say that now, but I’m typically overconfident about most things and underwhelmed with my actual ability.

After several years of dumpster fires in a row, do you think this will finally be the one where things start looking up? Instead of being a full-fledged dumpster fire, maybe this year will just be a dumpster filled with angry raccoons. That would at least be a step in the right direction. Set your expectations low – that’s my motto.