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New Robotic Gas Pump Fuels Your Car for You

 |  |  |  |  February 22, 2023

By hite

This new gasoline fueling system was developed by Autofuel. It’s powered by an industrial robotic arm and is capable of filling a customer’s gas tank without the motorist ever needing to leave the comfort of the driver’s seat. However, it will not squeegee your windshield or check your tire pressure.

Currently being tested at a service station in Vantaa, Finland, the system requires automobiles to be registered with Autofuel (including make and model, fuel type, payment method, and license plate) and have a special gas cap installed that the robot can remove and replace. If all those requirements are met, a driver just pulls up to the pump, and the robot will open the gas tank door with a suction cup and get to work.

Hate pumping your own gas? Just move to Oregon or New Jersey, where it’s illegal to pump your fuel, and a gas station attendant must do it for you. Me? I love the smell of gasoline far too much to let anyone else pump it for me. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

[via Freethink]