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ASMR Kirby Rug Tufting Video Is Eye and Ear Candy

 |  |  |  |  March 13, 2023

By hite

Ear candy: it’s second only to eye candy in terms of deliciousness, and both together are a match made in cavity heaven. And here, to provide both, is a video of YouTuber RugTrade tufting a large Kirby rug, complete with ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) audio to make your brain tingle. Ha, as if my brain doesn’t already tingle enough living under high-voltage power lines. I can start the microwave just by thinking about it.

I’ve always enjoyed watching these rug-tufting videos. They make the process look so easy, and the resulting rugs are always so impressive. It almost makes me think that I could do it. I mean, that rug-tufting gun does look like a weapon I wielded in a video game once, and I did manage to beat that game on Easy.

Of course, the reality is I would fail spectacularly trying to make even the most basic rug design. And, knowing me, I probably end up with my arm tufted to the rug. This may explain why whenever my wife sees a rug-tufting gun in my Amazon cart, she immediately removes it.