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Tag: Xenogears

LEGO Xenogears Concept: Weltall Order

LEGO Xenogears Concept: Weltall Order
As I’ve mentioned before, Xenogears is one of my favorite games. So I was so excited when I heard that someone had proposed LEGO versions of the PlayStation classic’s mecha. Sadly, Diego Cabrera submitted his proposal on LEGO Cuusoo back in 2012 and it still doesn’t have the minimum 10,000 votes.

Xenogears Weltall T-Shirt Won’t Draw out Your Id

Xenogears Weltall T-Shirt Won’t Draw out Your Id
Like most of Squaresoft’s 90s RPGs, Xenogears has a special place in my heart. What really drew me in was the main character’s Gear, Weltall – the Bruce Lee of robots. Unlike other fighting robots that were clunky, were as mobile as mountains and relied mostly on weapons, Weltall is skinny, agile and pulled off martial arts moves at lightning speed.

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