Smart Workshop Organization System with Inventory Tracking

With over 15 years of writing experience, Jonathan has had a passion for all things tech-related since watching Inspector Gadget as a child. He's disassembled countless appliances and managed to put a few back together, and one actually still works. When not writing, he can often be found playing video games or accidentally hurting himself tinkering in the garage.

In an effort to better organize all his electronic bits, freelance prototyper, YouTuber, and cyborg Zack Freedman is building a smart organization system for his workshop that can track inventory, tell you where a certain piece is, and light up its bin with the help of over 8,500 LEDs. Hey, the more lights, the merrier, that’s what I always say.

Zack uses the modular Gridfinity system as the backbone of his project, which is a system of open-source, free-to-3D print organizer blocks that all slot into a 42mm grid. He then adds lights and sensors to each storage block he creates, adding its contents to a database so he can track inventory and search for which bin a particular part is in.

The video follows Zach constructing a single long smart bin, but he plans to build a bunch of them, then make a vertical carousel system to maximize storage space, allowing him to call upon the specific piece he needs, and the carousel presenting him with the correct bin and lighting up the compartment needed. The future of organization, everybody! Wait till The Container Store hears about this!