Magnetic Hand-Holding Socks Make a Nice Pair

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Because there will come a time when absolutely everything that can possibly be made and sold will be, Amazon has these magnetic hand-holding socks available for sale (affiliate link). Each sock features two magnetic hands, so it can hold hands with your other sock or somebody else’s. They also have big cartoon eyeballs, which help drive home the idea that its appendages are arms and not just a mistake made at the sock factory.

Available in single pairs and two-pair packs, the socks come in black or white and crew length only. So, if you were hoping for knee-length or little ankle sock versions, you are plumb out of luck and will have to make your own.

If my wife sees these, there’s almost no question I’ll find two pairs in my Christmas stocking this year so she and I can make our socks hold hands in public. She loves stuff like that. Of course, she also loves me, so I guess I can’t complain. It is clear she has unusual taste, though.

[via DudeIWantThat]