New Mind-Controlled Esper Bionics Prosthetic Hand: Grasping The Future

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Developed by human augmentation pioneer and prosthetics manufacturer Esper Bionics, the Esper Hand is a prosthetic hand and arm controlled by a user’s brain, allowing for refined movements like cutting with a knife. It features individually moving fingers and a rotating wrist and moves surprisingly fluidly, like a natural hand. It’s like Luke Skywalker’s hand, but real.

From the abilities showcased in the video, there appears to be very little the hand and arm can’t do, with user Nika demonstrating the prosthetic’s ability to type, play board games, apply makeup, open numerous packages, draw, and even exercise. I can barely do those things with my hands, especially my right (I’m left-handed).

Researchers are making leaps and bounds into the future with mind-controlled technology, and this is an excellent example of that technology put to good use. Another good use? A robot that brings me what I’m thinking about eating from the fridge right when I think it. Granted, that technology might not be as noble a pursuit as mind-controlled prosthetics, but I’ll be the first on the waiting list whenever researchers get around to it.

[via TheAwesomer]