Once is Not Enough: 15 Destinations Travelers Want to Visit Again

Even though this world offers 193 countries and two independent nations, some destinations keep calling us back time and time again. Whether because of the people, the food, or the beautiful views, there are some places travelers always return to.

1. Japan

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Go for the excitement of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, but return for the world-famous cherry blossom season in spring. Japan can be addictive for enthusiasts, who say they’ll keep coming back.

2. Italy

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Italian cuisine is enough reason to visit. Add in sweeping vistas, art, and culture, and the warmth of locals, and Italy becomes a favorite destination. While staying in one of the cities is a popular choice, travelers also have the option of staying in a more rural area in a pension or a family villa.

3. Costa Rica

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Aside from the food, welcoming locals, and gorgeous landscape, the rainforest is also hard to ignore. More than 50% of Costa Rica is made up of rainforest, so there will always be more areas to explore on future trips.

4. Patagonia

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Patagonia is located on the southernmost tip of South America, and it’s ideal for outdoor adventures. Travelers take advantage of warm summer months to go hiking, horseback riding, and white water rafting. Patagonia is also home to five penguin species, and travelers can take guided tours to see these charming, flightless birds.

5. Greece

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Greece offers iconic Mediterranean cuisine, breathtaking beaches, and a look into ancient society. This country is the home of Western theatre, philosophy, and art — the pillars that shaped our modern world.

6. Scotland

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Nestled in the northern half of the United Kingdom, Scotland offers a rich history and culture. Its stunning views and landscapes make it a great place to hike and enjoy the outdoors.

7. New Zealand

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Known locally as Aotearoa in the native Māori language, New Zealand includes the North and South islands. It offers beautiful landscapes and idyllic country life. If you’re looking for a relaxing, slower pace during your travels, you’ll never tire of New Zealand.

8. Portugal

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Portugal’s coastal beaches are a beautiful sight. The country also features delicious local food and phenomenal weather, as well as cheaper expenses. These perks make travelers return again and again.

9. Bali

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Bali’s natural landscape is incredible. Its mountain ranges, flower gardens, lakes and rivers, and majestic canyons are unforgettable. Traveling to Bali is also affordable, which is something budget-conscious travelers appreciate.

10. Croatia

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Make no mistake: once you experience Croatia’s coastlines, you’ll never forget them. Its rich blue waters and warm sandy beaches attract millions of travelers each year.

11. Mexico

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Indiana Jones may have inspired many travelers to embrace their inner archeologist. This country is home to over two dozen ancient ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, perfect for the explorer at heart. It’s also affordable and features great cuisine.

12. Iceland

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Iceland has some of the purest spring water on the planet. This destination is also a wonderful place to explore the outdoors. Travelers visit again and again to disconnect from their lives and relax.

13. Egypt

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There’s no better destination to showcase ancient civilization than Egypt. The Sahara and Valley of the Kings alone draw travelers back to learn more about the ancient world.

14. Nepal

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For extreme hikers and mountaineers, it doesn’t get any better than seeing or trekking to Mount Everest. It’s the highest mountain peak above sea level and a true bucket list destination for adventurers.

15. United States

Central Park, New York City, New York
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From the hustle and bustle of New York City, to waterfall hikes of Hawai`i, there are countless places to visit and experience. After all, the United States is one of the melting pots of the world.


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