This Tank Gaming Computer with 13 Fans is Ready for War Games

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This Tank Gaming Computer from Etsy seller ViridianChase has everything you need for some serious war gaming, including 13 RGB cooling fans, six of which double as the tank’s wheels. That’s a clever design. But can you make them look like they’re spinning like wheels? I’ll also need the cannon to fire confetti whenever I make a kill.

The $4,125 computer measures 25″ x 18″ x 11″ and features a full metal and tempered glass tank case with a thermometer and gauge built into the front. Components include a 750W Modular RGB Gold power supply, a water-cooled Nzxt Kraken 360X CPU cooler, an Asus Strix 6700XT graphics card, 2X Samsung EVO M2 SSDs with 1TB each (2TB total SSD storage), an Asus Strix B550 Motherboard, 32GB XPG RGB Spectrix RAM @3200, and an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 4.9GHz Processor. So what you’re saying is, it blows my own 16-year-old gaming computer out of the water. I get it. At least I can still play Lemmings.

It looks like a great gaming computer, for sure. But can I justify the $4,125 price tag right now? Of course not. I can rarely justify most of the things I buy, but I do it anyway. You know why? Exactly, because I’m an impulsive buyer with almost zero self-control.