Unitree B2 Quadruped Robot Can Run 13.4 MPH, Is World’s Fastest

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Refusing to allow Boston Dynamics to monopolize the quadruped robot market, Unitree has unveiled the latest version of its own industrial quadruped robot, the B2, with plenty of upgraded features. Improvements include a top speed increase to 13.4 MPH (making it the world’s fastest industrial-grade quadruped robot), better endurance (capable of carrying a 44-lb load for ~9 miles), and a 170% increase in joint performance. Well, somebody get that robot a raise!

Can the B2 stay on its feet on a floor covered in banana peels while being repeatedly shoved with a battering ram? It sure can! That was probably my favorite part of the demo video. That, and the jumping from table to table and table to floor. But can it roll over or play dead?

Admittedly, the B2 does look pretty capable. But how much are they going to cost? And, perhaps more importantly to me, how hard are they to trap, and what are the Jawas willing to pay for them?

[via TechEBlog]