Wooden Game Boy Case Milled To Original Specs With CNC-Machine

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Using a Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 V2 router (affiliate link), German coder Sebastian Stacks of YouTube channel there oughta be machined a Nintendo Game Boy case to its original specifications out of wood. The case consists of just two pieces (plus battery compartment door, which he used magnets to attach since he couldn’t machine the bendy clip out of wood), and was mesmerizing to watch being milled. He also made two functional Pokemon ‘Walnut’ and ‘Oak’ game cartridges to go in the system, because how could he not?

Sebastian has kindly provided all the files he created for the case over at GitHub, which you can use to machine your own wooden Game Boy provided you have the necessary equipment. Me? I do not have the necessary equipment. All I have is a rusty wooden handsaw, and that’s it. It also has a fair amount of my blood on the blade from a failed birdhouse build.

Watching the machine finely remove layer after layer of wood was just so satisfying to see. Honestly, I could watch videos like this all day. And just might. Let me check my schedule. Just as I suspected, completely empty provided I ignore the work I should be doing.

[via TechEBlog]