ADAM The Autonomous Barista/Bartender Robot Is Ready To Make You A Drink

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Years in development, ADAM is a dual-purpose barista/bartender robot created by Richtech Robotics. ADAM’s drink-making averages about one drink per minute, and he’s preinstalled with over 100 cocktail recipes, but he can also be programmed to make custom drinks. He can produce two drinks simultaneously (one with each hand), talk to customers, and dance. Ha, humans — who needs them?!

Richtech claims that ADAM is the first commercially deployed AI-driven humanoid robot in the United States and has been successfully deployed at several locations in New York and California. In addition to making drinks, ADAM can also be customized to use his hands for other things, like dunking baskets in a fryer, which is excellent news because eating and drinking go hand-in-hand as far as I’m concerned.

Will all our drinks be made by robots in the future? That probably depends on how far in the future we’re talking. Five years? No. 100 years? Maybe. Of course, we might not have any choice but to have robots make our drinks by then because our hands have evolved into keyboards. But don’t take my word for it; I’m no evolutionary biologist.

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