AI-Powered Cat Door Prevents Pets From Bringing Dead Prey Inside

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Harnessing the power of AI, the Flappie pet door can identify objects your cat may be carrying (think dead mice or birds) and prevent them from entering your home with their prize. “But I got this for YOU,” I imagine your cat thinking while sitting outside, confused as to why the door won’t open.

The mouse detection algorithm used in Flappie is extremely accurate and reliable. The algorithm is continuously trained and updated with new data to improve its accuracy and ensure that it can detect mice with high accuracy and minimal false alarms.


The pet door uses a microchip reader to identify your cats from others and will prevent the door from opening for your neighbor’s cat, who probably just wants to come in and raid the food bowl or scratch the legs of your sofa. Oh no you don’t, Charlie, go destroy your own family’s furniture!

Flappie plans to sell the door outright for $399, or $199, with a 2-year $8.99/monthly subscription. Personally, I’m not one for paying monthly subscriptions. Of course, I’m not one for spending $399 for a cat door, either. It looks like my most economical option is plan B) indoor cats only.

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