Alienware Builds 16-Foot Mechanical Keyboard and Giant Mouse

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As a marketing stunt, Alienware built the world’s largest keyboard (5 meters, ~16.5′) and computer mouse and used them to play Dota 2. The two are exact 3D scanned replicas of their AW420K keyboard and AW720M mouse, just 14 times larger. They look like the perfect size for a rancor who’s always wanted to get into computer gaming but found current peripherals entirely too small.

Each key uses two snug-fitting PVC pipes for its movement and actuates a mechanical switch below when pressed far enough, returning to its position via giant rubber bands. The majority of both the keyboard and mouse were 3D printed, and the keyboard’s space bar alone took 3 days to print and weighs a hefty 20 pounds. Now, that’s one heavy space bar.

Is it practical? Not in the least. Is it magnificent? Absolutely. Of course, now I’ll need a significantly larger monitor to keep things to scale. I’m thinking a 28-footer should do the trick. The trick is my wife leaving me when she sees what I’ve done to the living room, just to be clear.

[via TechEBlog]