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Cisco Suing Apple Over iPhone Trademark

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 10, 2007

Cisco and Apple LogosA few weeks back I told you about Cisco/Linksys’ new line of voice over IP products being marketed under the “iPhone” brand name. Well now that Apple has announced their hot new iPhone, it looks like they never completed the process of working out a deal with Cisco to use the name. Cisco has owned the trademark on “iPhone” since 2000.

According to this report over at CrunchGear, Apple had been in negotiations with Cisco to seek permission to use the iPhone brand name, but never finalized the agreement prior to yesterday’s public announcement at Macworld. Now, since the agreement was never executed, Cisco has filed a lawsuit against Apple, Inc. to prevent their use of the iPhone moniker.

Cisco claims they entered into good faith negotiations with Apple and is now seeking injunctive relief to prevent apple from using the Cisco’s trademark. I suppose they could always just rename it “Apple Phone” – that seemed to do the trick for their set top box. I’d assume the two companies will eventually make nice, but not without some big bucks exchanging hands (especially for the lawyers!)

[via Yahoo! Finance]