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Deep Space Bed Looks Awesome, Costs a Small Fortune

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Written by Chris B. | December 7, 2010

Looking for the perfect gift for your child? Well here’s an idea, get them a new bed. I know what you’re thinking, a kid is going to get as excited about a new bed as they would a pair of socks on Christmas morning. But I’m not talking about just any ordinary bed. No, this sucker is a replica of the fighter flown by Darth Vader himself (albiet in the prequel trilogy, not the classic movies). What kid wouldn’t want to sleep in that? (If your child is a Star Trek fan, then there’s no hope for them anyway.)


The downside is that these Deep Space Fighter Beds start at $18,000 (USD). The upside is that you can have them custom build whatever space ship you want, and they’ll toss in a customized wall mural. Cool as that may be, I doubt many people are going to pay the price of a new car just to give their kids a fancy bed.


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