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SpaceX Breaks Ground on Launch Site for Gigantic Falcon Heavy Rocket

 |  |  |  July 15, 2011

I wasn’t around during the Apollo days when those massive rockets were shooting men into space on their journey to the moon. The space shuttles are all I have ever known as far as space travel goes. With NASA getting its budget cut back all the time and the shuttle fleet retiring, the future of space travel and hefting things into orbit will fall to private industry like SpaceX.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy

SpaceX is the company that we have talked about before that shot a wheel of cheese into space on one of its rockets. They also are working on a rocket that makes all others that are in service today look puny, called the Falcon Heavy. The beast has 27 SpaceX Merlin engines, can loft 117,000 pounds into orbit, stands 223-feet tall and weighs in at 3.1 million pounds. The company has announced that it has broken ground on its launch facility at Vandenberg Air Force base, specifically for the giant rocket.

The groundbreaking was this week and SpaceX is sinking $30 million into the refurbishing of the launch site known as Space Launch Complex 4-East at the base. The goal of the launch site is to land SpaceX some contracts to put military satellites into orbit.