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Swarmanoid Bots Use Foot, Hand and Eye Coordination

 |  |  |  |  August 17, 2011

By all means you’ll want to avoid the Swarmanoid. As the name implies this is a swarm of robotic components that work together like, well like a swarm of bees would.

This is an impressive research project as illustrated by the latest Swarmanoid video, which won an award from the AAAI(Artificial Intelligence Conference) 2011 Video Competition. Put simply, researchers use a heterogeneous swarm of robots to achieve distributed mobile manipulation. You might liken this to various cells or nerves in your own body all working together and performing various tasks with the help of your limbs and brain.

The Eye-bot, the Foot-bot and the Hand-bot all work together to become much more than the sum of their parts. In the video it is given the task of finding and retrieving a book. Separately this might pose a problem for each type of bot, but together in the “collective” it can handle the task easily. It’s just a matter of exploring, finding the book and doing it.

[via Hizook]