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Custom Pokemon Onesies for Being Weird and Reenacting Battles of Old

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  May 7, 2012

Pokemon Onesies are not unheard of – I’ve seen them on plenty of infants.  But, my friends, a revolution has come.  This revolution is called Pokemon Onesies for adults, and it is here to stay.  At least until society judges you, but then you can just move to Japan, where you would be welcomed as a GENIUS!  To be quite honest, I would like nothing more than to buy one of these and run around tackling a few of my good buddies.  Also, people I don’t know, because that would be more fun.  FUS RO DAH!  *Tackles random guy*

pokemon onesie adult

The Pokemon Onesie for adults is brought to you by the wonderful Etsy store AllForOnesies (what a clever name) and they are giving us all a special offer.  This woman has created the Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander onesies as examples, and is allowing buyers to pick their own Pokemon!  So, you can pick your favorite Pokemon, whatever it may be, consult with her, and get it shipped to you!  This service, since it is extremely custom, is £55.00 (~$91 USD).

adult pokemon onesie

I know that if I had $90 to spare, which I don’t, I would get myself a sick Latios onesie with huge wings that come out of the side.  Stiff wings, though, made of plastic or something.  “Why?”  This way, I can easily take down three times as many people!  I take one down with my body, and while diving in the air get two pedestrians with my wings of fury.  Then, I’ll just use an escape rope to get away from the angry security guards.  If only they sold one of those on Etsy…

pokemon adult costume

If you’re as excited about this opportunity as I am, take a moment to head on over to Etsy and tell the nice lady which type of Pokemon outfit you want.  Or, if you’re as broke as I am, stay here and look at the Pokemon Tretta Arcade Game and the Pokemon Minecraft Mod while all of your friends are out battling each other.

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