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The Popinator Shoots Popcorn Directly at Your Mouth, One Kernel at a Time

 |  |  |  |  |  September 17, 2012

Do you have trouble getting popcorn into your mouthhole? Yeah, I know it can be tricky to reach into the bowl and perfectly align your hand with your mouth to ensure the popped kernel ends up in the right spot. Well, there’s finally a solution to this first-world problem, courtesy of the Popinator.


The fine folks at Popcorn Indiana conceived of this ridiculous gadget, that’s sole purpose is to locate your mouth and fire a single kernel of popcorn at it from up to 15 feet away. According to the “electrical engineer” in this video, the machine uses binaural microphones to detect when somebody says “Pop!” and then triangulates their location so it can adjust the popcorn launching mechanism.

Whether this is a real device, or simply a publicity stunt for a viral video, it’s pretty awesome. (Especially the screwy blinking lights on the front.) Though I doubt they’d ever be able to bring the Popinator to market, as they’d probably be inundated with choking lawsuits from idiots who don’t know how to catch popcorn in their mouths properly.

[via VVV]