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Buy Them, Spend Them, Bathe in Them: BitSoaps

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 6, 2014

Aren’t we all just wishing we had gotten our hands on some Bitcoins before they became really big? While that ship has sailed, there are still a lot more opportunities docked at the pier – it’s just a matter of studying them, weighing your options, and getting lucky with your next investment.

For now, wake up to a new day every day and be inspired to find the next big thing every time you take a bath with these BitSoaps.


They’re basically Bitcoin-shaped soap that comes in hemp oil, castile, and lavender scents. If you have Bitcoins in your digital wallet, then these will remind you to spend them when the time is right.┬áThe BitSoaps are available online for $4.42(USD) each. Naturally, their maker accepts Bitcoins as payment.

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