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Review: Haworth Zody Task Chair

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Written by Paul Strauss | July 7, 2015

I spend the majority of my work time sitting in front of the screen of my computer. And while I try to stand up from time to time, the reality is that most of us still spend quite a bit of time sitting while working. If you’ve got to sit, you’ll want to invest in a really good office chair. Fortunately, Haworth has got you covered.

I’ve been testing out a Haworth Zody Task Chair in my home office, and I can say without question that it’s the most comfortable and supportive office chair I’ve ever used. Having worked in many different offices, and having used everything from cheap department store chairs to a pricey Herman Miller Aeron, nothing really compares to the Zody.


Haworth spent years engineering every tiny detail of the Zody, and their efforts clearly paid off. The chair is designed to fit just about anyone, offering numerous adjustments to fit from the 5th to the 95th percentile of body types.

Not only can you adjust the seat and armrest height like most chairs, but you can adjust the width and angle of each armrest (inward or outward), the amount of backrest tension, and the position of the lumbar and pelvic support. Lumbar pressure can even be adjusted asymmetrically, since not everyone’s back is identical from the right to the left side. The seat also can adjust back and forward from the seat back. The backrest not only locks, but can be set to tilt slightly forward for people who require that particular posture adjustment.


Build quality is exceptional, with a substantial cast aluminum base, a well-padded, fabric-wrapped cushion (available in a variety of colors), and extremely supportive arm cushions. The chair sits on smooth-rolling casters which work well on either carpet or hard floors, and feels very stable, whether sitting still or rolling.


The back of the Zody is made from a proprietary woven polyester, which provides both support and flexibility. A textile technology called “zoned mesh” allowed Haworth to provide different amounts of resistance in different parts of the weave, based on physical mapping of the human back.


Did I mention this thing was comfortable? Not only do I feel incredibly well supported and in a better position than I was ever able to achieve in my old Aeron, but I never feel even the slightest bit of fatigue or soreness like I do after sitting for several hours in most chairs.

Beyond its comfort and support, Haworth has gone the extra mile, building its chairs using up to 51% recycled content, and in a zero-landfill factory located here in the U.S. The Zody is also the only chair that’s been endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association. They also provide an exceptional warranty, covering the chair for 12 years – based on full 24×7 usage to cover companies that have multiple work shifts.


What more can I say? I love this chair. It’s my new best friend in my office. Priced at $899(USD), it’s not cheap, but your back and body are worth it. Given its great build quality and warranty, it’s a chair you’ll be living with and enjoying for many years, so it’s well worth the investment.