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Best Buy Has a Robot Salesperson


Written by Conner Flynn | October 6, 2015

Here’s another job that robots have taken – Best Buy employee. That’s right, Best Buy is experimenting with full automation, at least when it comes to selling old media like CDs and DVDs.

This New York City Best Buy store has a row of ATM-like kiosks in front of a glassed-in compartment. That’s where this friendly yellow robot named Chloe lives. Chloe will sell you music, movies, games, and other accessories so you won’t have to worry about all of that pesky human contact. It’s basically a robotic arm with a fake mouth attached, which will smile at you, go retrieve your item, return and hand it to you.

This is the first Best Buy store to house the Chloe robot, but it may hit other stores soon. Thank you Best Buy for ushering in the robopocalypse that much sooner. We may as well get it over with.

[via Fox5NY]