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Sexy Codsworth Is Too Sexy for Fallout 4

 |  |  |  March 25, 2016

Of all the companions you can have in Fallout 4, Codsworth is probably the lamest. I’ve adventured with him once. He flew right in front of me during a firefight, and I blasted his metal ass to bits. His talking annoys me, and he’s really lame if I forgot to mention that. The new Fallout 4 DLC called Automatron has spawned something strange that’s been nicknamed “Sexy Codsworth.”


This is the top half of Codsworth attached to the legs from an Assaultron. The end result is pretty hilarious looking. If you haven’t noticed, the Assaultron has round hips and a bit of booty out back.

I’m just glad that after modding my power armor and my weapons perfectly, there’s something new to look forward to in the game. The Automatron DLC is available to purchase now.

[via Kotaku]