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Destiny Hunter Cape Scarf is a Manly as Scarves Get

 |  |  |  December 15, 2016

It’s colder than Frosty’s balls here in Colorado right now, and then you have to factor in the wind chill. It was so cold I went looking for a scarf lest my neck freeze off, because the colder it gets the longer it takes the dog to find just the right spot to crap on. All I could find was one of my wife’s fuzzy girly scarves, but I wore the damn thing and made a mental note to get a sweet manly scarf ASAP. I think I have found it.


This is the Destiny Hunter Cape Scarf. Clearly it looks like the hooded cloak that the Hunter class wears in Destiny. It’s made from a soft combination of cotton and polyester, and is embellished with a Hunter logo patch.

The scarf isn’t cheap at $59.99(USD), but that is not as bad as having people see you in your significant other’s pink and purple infinity scarf. I think they are called “infinity” because the shame never ends. The Destiny Hunter Cape Scarf is a one size deal and is available at ThinkGeek now.