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Watch a Monkey Wrench Get Turned into a Knife

 |  |  |  |  December 15, 2016

Say the world has gone to crap. There are zombies everywhere, and it’s a Mad Max style world of kill or be killed. You have a monkey wrench in the garage, but what you really need is a cool knife. What do you do? Well, most of us would be screwed, unless you know how to forge a weapon from your old tool. Fortunately for the guys from Miller Knives, they know exactly how to achieve this.


They heated the wrench up, beat it up real good, then sharpened it into a deadly curved knife, the old fashioned way. It used to tighten bolts. Now it slices and dices. And it looks pretty cool too.

I love how the wrench’s jaws make the perfect handle. I love seeing random objects get weaponized.

[via Sploid]