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Spreadable Coffee: Chock Full O’ Nutella?

 |  |  |  |  February 26, 2017

There is always something bizarre to eat coming out of Japan. Boy, that sounded weird. If you like coffee, Japan may have the next snack for you to drool over. The treat is from Snow Brand Milk and is a spreadable version of the company’s coffee.

Apparently, the company’s coffee drinks are very creamy and sweet so it might make for a good spread to rival Nutella and peanut butter. The same brand launched another edible coffee treat a few years back. That original was a coffee pudding with a creamy topping, coffee middle, and caramel sauce bottom.

I want to like coffee, but I just can’t stand the stuff. I get my caffeine intake via Diet Dr. Pepper.

[via Kotaku]