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Man Turns Car into Mario Kart 64 Controller

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 24, 2017

One Chevrolet Volt owner has done something very cool with his car, turning the vehicle into an expensive controller for Mario Kart 64. Controlling the game involves using the steering wheel to steer, the accelerator and brakes, as well as the windshield wipers and flashing the headlights.

Adam Ringwood runs the website ‘AvidHacker.’ This hack actually won him and his friends the HackIllinois event. As for the finer details, they used an OBD-II cable, a Raspberry Pi, and a PiCAN2, which read the vehicle’s CAN bus data, as well as a laptop, plus some tools called Cansniffer and Candump. By reading the vehicle’s diagnostic data and other things to figure out which car parts were correlated with with various output data, and used that to control the game.

Of course, he doesn’t play the game on the open road. I suppose that’s a good thing, plus he would go through a ton of bananas anyhow.

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