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Giant Robot Battle Going Down this August!

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Written by Shane McGlaun | April 7, 2017

Remember last summer when some robot builders from America challenged robot builders from Japan? Well the Japanese accepted that challenge, and the robot battle is now scheduled for sometime this August.

I’ll be watching this robot beat down for sure, as the two giant mechs go head to head for a battle to the death.

I have to say the Japanese robot looks more stable than the US bot. Japan’s Kuratas has four legs, each with a rotating wheel at its end, which should give it stable footing and agility. The US bot is on what appear to be rubber tank treads from a small front end loader, and looks a bit top-heavy to me.

I’m pretty pumped about this, though I assume it will happen outside the US since the bots are controlled by human pilots. I doubt US safety standards would ever allow one dude to pummel another dude inside a metal robot with blades and other nasty weapons in its hands. Then again, maybe there are no safety standards for mechs at this point.

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