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InstruMMents 01 Digital Ruler Review: Say Goodbye to Your Tape Measure

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 19, 2017

We’ve all been there at some point. You need to measure something and you stand there counting the little marks on your tape measure trying to figure out if its millimeters or centimeters or inches that you need. It’s a pain in the rear and reading the tape measure wrong can mean that you cut your material wrong costing you time and money. If you have the InstruMMents 01 dimensioning instrument, you will never need a tape measure again.

The InstruMMents device is made from aluminum and looks a lot like something Apple would cook up. It basically looks like a fancy pen, and in fact you can get it with a pen, pencil, or stylus tip. That means you can use it to write as well as measure things. On the back of the device is a little black wheel that you roll along to measure whatever you want.

InstruMMents works with an app that runs on your phone. That app has lots of fancy things it can do. You get to choose the measurements that you want to measure in from millimeters to inches and even miles. I’d hate to roll that little wheel for a mile.

The app also allows you to save measurements for various devices from clothing to height to dimensions of your room. You can also measure length, width, and height of objects in one go with each measurement saved. This means you can go to the store and have all of your measurements for various rooms or other items saved right in the app. Very handy.

The app also includes ability to set up a blink interval to allow you to mark and hang things on your wall with equal spacing. A laser shines out the back of the InstruMMent so you can tell exactly where your measuring point is. If you measure something in inches and then need to convert it to millimeters or another figure the app can do that on the fly too.

My review sample came in a package with an extra wheel to put on the back of the pen if needed. There are different versions of the 01 instrument and all three sell for $149.99, and the only differences are the tips. You can get the 01Go, a stubbier version which doesn’t include the pen, pencil, or stylus for $99.99. Keep in mind that the batteries for the 01 and 01Go aren’t rechargeable, and you’ll probably want to pick up a pack of three replacement battery packs for $19.99. Fortunately, the batteries last up to 6 months each, but it’s still an added expense.

Available accessories include a sleeve in buffalo leather for $29.99, a notebook for $19.99 and six replaceable rollers go for $19.99. You can replace ink and pencil lead but it appears all of these these replacement parts are proprietary and have to be ordered from InstruMMents.

I really like the InstruMMent dimensioning device, and I’m happy that I’ll never need a tape measure or ruler again.