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These Classic Nintendo Consoles Play Thousands of Arcade and Other Systems’ Games

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Written by Paul Strauss | December 6, 2017

Do you love to play classic arcade games? Don’t have the space for a big arcade cabinet, or the time to futz about installing and configuring emulators along with all of their convoluted config files? Then check out NewAgeRetro, who makes cool Raspberry Pi-based game emulator systems, built into 3D-printed shells that look like classic Nintendo game consoles.

They build RetroPie-based systems, running on a Raspberry Pi 3 board, and come pre-loaded and ready to play. They’ve done all of the hard work, installing and configuring dozens of emulators, and thousands of games so you don’t have to. Currently, the systems come with 37 emulators, and over 12,000 games.

Best of all, these systems look cool, packed into miniature versions of NES, Super Nintendo, and N64 cases. They can even play games from the system that they look like.

The systems plug right into any display via HDMI, and have USB ports for connecting controllers. They can be optioned out with either the classic system’s controllers, or more modern PS3 controllers at no extra charge too. The systems sell for $249.99 in in classic console guise, or $299.99 in a more modern, custom built case. Check them all out in the NewAgeRetro Etsy shop.