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LEGO Roomba Sweeps Bricks off the Floor

 |  |  |  |  April 13, 2018

You know you’re a LEGO fanatic when you have to build a sweeper out of LEGO just to clean all of the other LEGO pieces off your floor. The LEGO Rumba is just such a device. It’s part street sweeper, part dump truck, all awesome.

The Brick Wall’s sweeper is made of LEGO Technic pieces and it’s designed to clean up their room so they don’t step on any of those pointy bricks. It has an arm with a claw that can be remotely operated to pick up larger pieces, and a collection bin that gets emptied dump truck style when it’s full.

It seems to work pretty well, and that arm can pick up some very large pieces. If anyone out there is thinking about building a large LEGO city, you’re gonna want this thing to roam the streets, cleaning them up and picking up plastic trash from the curb. So I guess you’ll need a LEGO landfill too.

LEGO really needs to sell this to keep all of our feet safe. There’s nothing worse than stepping on LEGO pieces. Owie! This should be a mandatory accessory whenever a kid gets a LEGO set.

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]