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Millennium Falcon Picnic Blanket May Not Look Like Much

 |  |  |  |  May 29, 2018

The sun is out and you’re hungry. It’s a great day for a picnic. But something is missing. The Millennium Falcon is what you need. Forget the Kessel Run. Head to a nearby park with this Millennium Falcon Picnic Blanket and enjoy the day.

This picnic blanket is a replica of the ship that fans know and love. This is the closest that any of us will ever get to dining on Han Solo’s famous ship. Instead of flying your ship to the park, just carry it, set it down and enjoy your meal on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. You don’t even need a Wookiee co-pilot since it comes with its own carry bag.

Enjoy this blanket with someone special and have a romantic meal or invite the whole family and have a fun picnic they will never forget. If you do know a wookiee, it only makes sense for the two of you to have a picnic together and talk shop. Maybe go over the ship’s next modifications, or talk about how the hyperdrive has been stalling lately. Sure, you’ll get some weird looks, but who cares? Even Wookiees and scoundrels need a picnic now and then.