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This LEGO Technic Farm Machines Rake Hay

 |  |  |  |  |  |  July 24, 2018

Who says farming has to be boring? The Brick Wall built this cool piece of LEGO Technic farm equipment, adding it to his already impressive collection of machines. He actually created two hay rakes. One is a modern-day farm implement, and one is inspired by the rakes of yesteryear. Both are completely functional, so they can actually collect your cut grass for you if you need a robot for such things.

It looks like both machines are driven by a standard LEGO Technic Claas Xerion 5000 tractor. The modern machine looks really cool, with a V-shaped rig and eight spinning rake wheels.

It seems like it does a good enough job collecting grass, but the old style version seems to do a more thorough job with its big grass catcher design. So, see, newer isn’t always better.

Both are very impressive builds and I wouldn’t mind having either in my yard to make my job easier. I continue to be blown away by what talented people can build with LEGO. One day we may all have LEGO robots doing our yard work for us. At least until the odd one blows up here and there and then we are all stepping on LEGO bricks hidden in the grass. That’s when it will end because, at that point, your lawn just becomes a minefield to anyone with bare feet.

[via designboom via Mike Shouts]