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You Can Play as Magneto in Grand Theft Auto V

 |  |  |  |  |  September 4, 2018

Grand Theft Auto V already has a lot of ways that you can be destructive in the game, and now here comes one more. You can now play as the X-Men villain Magneto thanks to a mod from JulioNIB. So if you ever wanted to see Magneto let loose in Los Santos and just destroy everything, you can live that dream.

The video below pretty much shows off what Magneto can do. This includes basically every power that we saw him use in the X-Men films like the “steal your guns and shoot you with them” power. And obviously picking every damn thing up and throwing it. You can also super punch vehicles, create a tornado, and rip things out of the ground.

You can rip stop signs out of the ground and impale people, make planes crash into each other and a whole lot more. When you think about it, Magneto is basically just a kid with superpowers throwing a tantrum and breaking his (and everyone else’s) toys.

PC gamers can get the installation instructions here. This just proves that they could make a kick-ass X-Men game if they wanted to, using the GTA engine. I would love to see the whole team against Magneto.

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