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Happy Little Breakfasts? More Like Scary Little Breakfasts

 |  |  |  |  |  September 23, 2018

Holy… what is this image that has appeared on my toast? Is that Jesus with a perm? No man, it’s just Bob Ross. I made it with my new toaster, which burns an image of the iconic artist’s face onto the toast. Though, to be honest that is a bit less impressive after you think that your savior has just magically appeared on your toast wearing an afro.

Yes, this is the official Bob Ross toaster from Uncanny Brands. Forget happy little trees. make happy little toast. If you’ve ever wanted to partake of Bob Ross, now is your chance. You can eat his bearded face and head.

Unfortunately, the image doesn’t really look that much like him on everyday bread. It actually looks kind of evil. Whoa. Wait a minute! Is it just me or does that look like Charles Manson with a fro? Yeah, I don’t want this toaster in my kitchen. In real life, it looks like a ghost from the 70s has somehow possessed my bread. If you must have one though, you can grab it over on Amazon for about $40.

[via odditymall via Geekologie]