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Crocheted Predator Halloween Costume Is Cute and Creepy

 |  |  |  |  |  |  October 4, 2018

Let me introduce you to the world’s cutest Predator costume; an all-crocheted kid’s Predator costume to be precise. Thankfully instead of trophies like spines, armor and other bones, this predator is happy to walk away with a bag of Halloween candy and call it a night.

This awesome costume was made by Crochetverse for her six-year-old son. Forget wearing one of those cheap plastic Ninja Turtle masks or Optimus Prime, this costume wins Halloween. In a sea of Black Panthers and Wonder Women, this bad boy stands out. As a bonus, this will be the warmest costume out there on Halloween night.

Crochetverse only recently allowed her son to see the movie and apparently, he loved it. So she crocheted this. Now that’s a good mom. She could have just put some aluminum foil over a cardboard box and told him to be a robot. She actually has a history of making her son cool costumes. In the past she has made E.T., Pennywise the clown, and more. I hope that my mom is paying attention to this.

Will you look this awesome on Halloween night? No, you will not.

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