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Planetary Glass Ornament Set: Spruce, the Final Frontier

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Written by Conner Flynn | October 16, 2018

Spice up your Christmas tree this year with this Planetary Glass Ornament Set. Because your old ball glass ornaments are boring and not spacey enough. These ornaments mixed with some Star Wars or Star Trek ships and a Doctor Who TARDIS will make your tree into a science-y sci-fi scene that will have Santa excited to visit again next year. Space-themed trees. That’s what we need more of.

For $49.99, you’ll get a set of nine glass ornaments that look just like the planets in our solar system, only in miniature. Yes, you heard me. I said NINE planets. Yes, Pluto is included. These ornaments are made of hand-painted glass. Note: They aren’t to scale because that would just make your tree look weird and Jupiter would keep falling off your tree. Scratch that. It would probably crush your tree.

So deck the halls with planetary bodies this year. This is a great gift for any cosmos loving nerd or astronomy buff. Your tree is going to look great this year. Maybe even out of this world. Santa might even show up in the space shuttle to deliver presents this year. That would be awesome.